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Planning a Successful Homeschool Year (Free Planning Printable Included!)

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Free Printable-Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Click here for printable!

I am getting excited because my state’s homeschool bookfair is right around the corner!  I love going because I can hold hundreds of different books and curriculum choices in my hands.  It is so wonderful to be able to see a curriculum and evaluate it up close.  This is the time of year I decide what went well last year and what needs changing.

As I have been researching and reading about teaching, I came across this idea- hearts and minds open in response to the presence of love and joy.  (From “Teaching Tips & Techniques”  by Kathryn Stout  B.S. Ed., M.Ed.)  Our children’s capacity for learning is opened up when we are full of joy!  That is definitely something to pray about because God is the author of joy, and he is very interested in us succeeding because he has a plan for each of our children.  He is with us and for us!

I created a printable homeschool planning chart for you.  I use it this way: I write my ideas for the year under each subject.

For example for History I am thinking of using a timeline along with “Streams of Civilization”, and some history novels.  So I jot “Timeline”, “Streams of Civilization”, and “Literature to match the time period” where the history heading is.  Now I know what I am looking for when I start to shop for curriculum!

You could also use this for a daily assignment sheet listing the assignments for each day and checking off each one as it is completed.  Here are some thoughts on specific subjects:


I didn’t include Bible on my planning worksheet, because my oldest does her own Bible study time in the morning.  Bible for my youngest is also pretty straightforward right now.  I just read to her from a children’s Bible, and we go over some memory verses.  You could add it under the electives if you needed room for notes about Bible curriculum.

Language Arts

Language Arts can include:

  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Handwriting
  • Comprehension

I use copywork to teach spelling, grammar, handwriting as well as sharpening reading skills.

Here is a definition of copywork from
“This technique is used to help students learn to write — from the initial skill of forming alphabet letters, all the way through learning to write sentences, paragraphs, poetry and more. Once students have the ability to copy sentences and paragraphs, they usually copy excerpts from good/classic literature. The idea is that by copying, they learn the techniques of great writers that they can then apply to their own original writing.”

So by simply copying students become familiar with proper grammar, proper spelling, as well as practicing handwriting and sharpening reading skills!  Copywork is so simple yet so powerful to teach many language arts skills all at one time.  I have used Sandy Queen’s books for copywork and other language skills.

I expand my student’s vocabulary by reading to them and buying books and stories on tape.  My children LOVE the Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theatre by Focus on the Family.

So under the heading “Language Arts” on my planning worksheet it would say:  Copywork-15 minutes a day for grammar, spelling, reading, and handwriting; for vocabulary/future writing skills-read to her, books on tape, continued phonics work

I didn’t mention comprehension or handwriting on my worksheet because these things are naturally covered in the other things I listed.


Electives can include things like art, music, PE, cooking, choir, typing, nutrition, economics, photography, or foreign language.

So, let’s get planning!  Any questions or comments?  Please comment below!

Free Printable Homeschool Curriculum Planner

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